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The CMM is a measuring system to probe the coordinate points on the surface of workpiece through the relevant movement of probe system and workpiece. Firstly locate the measured part in the measuring volume of CMM and use the contact or non-contact probing system to acquire the coordinate positions of each point of the parts and then proceed with mathematic calculation by inputting the coordinate values of such points into software and then get the geometric dimensions, shapes and positions of the measured workpiece. Therefore, the CMM features high precision, high efficiency and universal functions, which is an optimal solution to finish measuring the geometric dimensions and quality control for the measured workpiece. Because the measuring system configurations differ depending on the type of parts, the measuring configurations should be made in terms of host, probing system and software of the CMM. The measured workpiece can be categorized into box type, complex shape type and curve and cambered surface type.




The box type parts include cylinder, cylinder cover, shaft, cam shaft, piston, connecting rod, supply and drainage pipe.

Bridge measuring machine is the main type to realize parts measuring. Its Swift and Enjoy series CMM could provide accurate reference data for the quality control and quality improvement with its high precision, fast speed, good stability, excellent repeatability and low maintenance cost. Currently, the Swift and Enjoy series CMM manufactured by Metro-3D are playing an important role in auto parts measuring. Enjoy Series is divided into two sub-series based on its technical configurations, with the precision ranging from 1.2um~~3.0µm and measuring scope ranging from the minimum 400 x 500 x 400 [mm] to the maximum 1200 x 4000 x 1000 [mm], which provides various options and applications to customers. Excellent measuring precision could ensure the top quality of parts.



Enioy, Enjoy-plus and View series measuring machine also play an important role in part test. The stroke scope of the machine ranges from 300 x 500 x 400 [mm] to 1500 x 4000 x 1200 [mm].

Curve and cambered surface parts include metal sheets, auto coverings, and inside ornaments.

Metro-3D measuring software has more advanced CAD functions and applications for the measuring of curve and cambered surface and metal sheets and able to locate the measuring benchmark quickly by two measuring for the fast location function of Auto RPS, which greatly improves measuring efficiency and maximizes the purpose of the machine. All the dimensional data could be analyzed by the measuring machine to realize the data management for the factory and meanwhile improve precision and quality of dimension data, and then set up feasible quality solution and prepare the quality report to guide the production department to carry out the quality control. At present the Enjoy and View series have the space measuring precision up to 1.5 + 3.3L/1000 1500 m[m] and the measuring scope ranging from 1000x 1200 x 700 [mm] to 1500 x 4000 x 12000 [mm], which reflects more powerful functions and higher efficiency.

Various parts have different precision requirements. Those requiring high precision include various high precision boxes or parts with complex shapes. In order to achieve this purpose, the measuring machines required should be fixed bridge or high precision moving bridge measuring machine. Greenwich and Enjoy plus series of Metro-3D could meet such requirements.

If the demand for precision and measuring efficiency is not very high, the Swift series can be selected to provide the practicable solution.

Our customers have expanded from truck industry to car industry and successfully entered the purchase systems of German Volkswagon, Shanghai GM, OPEL and BMW etc.

The Enjoy series is the optimum choice for the enterprises which require high batch and high efficiency. It is a type of high speed measuring machine which could notably improve and optimize the measuring speed, acceleration as well as its efficiency in measuring, analysis and probing through the host system, control system and software optimization. The normal speed is less than 300mm/s which guarantees the measuring precision and meets users’ requirement for the measuring efficiency.

Enjoy, Enjoy plus and View series measuring machines are extremely important for the testing of parts. Its measuring scope ranges from 300 x 500 x 400 [mm] to 1500 x 4000 x 1200 [mm].

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