Application of thin-walled parts and free curve or curved su

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【Strong functions of thin-walled parts and free curve and curved surface】 Use the 3D CAD model to automatically take the nominal values and vector direction by simply clicking CAD surface data points and carry out the test and analysis for the workpiece shapes by comparing with the mathematic model definitions. Integrated with full set of measuring programs which are able to simply and rapidly measure thin-walled workpiece (including metal sheet, plastic parts and tubes), it could be an optimal solution to finish measurement for various complex shapes and shape surface such as car body, plastic moulding, mould, model, mould cavity, turbine blade, sheet metal components and other curves and curved surface etc.


PS-DMIS adopts the setup mode of fast iterative coordinate system which saves much time for the machine to align the coordinate system and facilitates the measuring operation. It is able to use CAD geometric values to automatically align the workpiece to the position preset by users.

There are 3-2-1 coordinate system, Best-fit coordinate system, iterative coordinate system, CAD features elements, Six Point fitting available for the users to use according to the features of the workpiece.

RPS coordinate setup mode oriented to car industry.

Able to automatically seek the measuring elements, automatically take the theoretical data and automatically modify the vector and compensate 3D probe real time.

Measurement of feature elements.

Measurement and assessment of curve and cambered surface.

Measurement of full set of thin-walled parts and plastic parts and compensation of material thickness.

Automatically take cambered surface position and automatically modify the vector.

Boundary contour analysis and grid point measurement.

Vector macro definition and nominal data test.

Corrugated boundary, edge point, enclosure, cambered surface point, click and measure.

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