Application of reverse engineering & product design

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【Application of reverse engineering and product design】The CMM, as a digital tool, plays an important role in changing the future vision of company or imagination of engineers into real products. Advanced measuring equipment provides advanced digitalized approach and method to the modern manufacturing industry.



As the digital tool of modern manufacturing industry, the CMM also undertakes other important functions such as trigger measuring, laser probe measuring, scanning, reverse engineering, milling and processing etc. as well as its quality assessment and verification functions. Hence, the reverse engineering becomes more and more important and popular. General speaking, one part design and development will pass through the following procedures:

1.Firstly, Use the scanning method to carry out 3D digital collection for the unknown products and the measuring machine will collect large quantities of data point cloud of the entity model with fast speed. PS-DMIS possesses point cloud management, compartmentalized tools, small plane modeling and relevant compartmentalized tool, robust curve setup tool, robust curved surface modeling and shape identification tools which enable these discrete points to form curved surface easily and change the existing entity products into 3D digital model to be input to 3D CAD software, such as PowerShape, UG, Pro/E, Catia; Cimatron.

2.Use the perfect CAD system to complete the compilation and setup of entity mathematic model; and then use the designed CAD model to guide the subsequent processing and manufacturing such as CNC processing and fast formation RP.

3.Produce a 1:1 verification model according to the mathematic model data collected; currently, the advanced measuring system also has the light processing and milling functions to realize processing on the soft materials such as oil sludge and resin etc.

4.After completion of verification model, use the measuring machine and the general measuring software with strong CAD functions to realize the offline compilation of model test program and comparative measurement with CAD model.

5. Carry out CAD digitalized object test, compare the models, analyze the deviations generated and carry out corresponding correction to the mathematic model. Based on this, also to repeat the processing, and measuring comparison and model correction work so as to ensure the final design model up to the requirements. As far as the reverse engineering is concerned, curve and cambered surface modeling is the most complex link. Because the smooth cambered surface model or triangular grid generated by good point group is required to finish the model processing, the point data processing and cambered surface setup mode and correction and analysis functions improvement are a part of the reverse engineering cambered surface model rebuilding. PS-DMIS possesses the point cloud management and compartmentalized tool, small plane modeling, compartmentalized tools, robust curve setup tool, robust cambered surface modeling and shape identification tools which enable the discrete points to form curved surface easily, and change the existing entity product into 3D digital model, facilitating the use of users.

On the reverse engineering is concerned, curve and surface modeling is the most important and most complicated part, because the processing to complete the model we need is a smooth surface models or by a good point group generated by the triangular grid, so point of data processing as well as the construction of surface means the sound editing and analysis functions, reverse engineering, surface model reconstruction is a very important part. The PS-DMIS has a point cloud management and refinement tools, small plane modeling and refinement tools, powerful curve creation tools, rich surface modeling and shape recognition tools so that these discrete points are very easy and simple and the formation of surface the existing physical products into digital 3D models, greatly facilitate the customer.

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